Ilze Berzins

Ottawa Citizen
February 27, 2000
From Crime Scene
By Mike Gillespie

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Giving the reader the slip is rooted in the trade when it comes to the whodunit. Agatha Christie and P.D. James have it down to a science. Ottawa author Ilze Berzins sticks to that convention with Death in the Glebe (Albert Street Press), her second novel. From the outset we have the conspirator (a jealous sibling), the victim (a wealthy and eccentric spinster) and of course, the body. But mystery fans aren’t getting out of the Glebe that easily. In a clever bit of connivance, the body in the boiler room seems to take on a life of its own. There’s also a Coronation Street-esque atmosphere to the neighbourhood, building that satisfying element of doubt and paving the way for a suitably enlightened climax.

Mike Gillespie
Deputy Editor
The Citizen’s Weekly
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