Ilze Berzins

I’ve been so busy with Ann Coulter that I’ve almost forgotten my house and realtor Max, my most recent sweet-talking bed-wetter.

Ann sure knows how to call a spade a spade.

The foxy lady walked away with $10,000 without even turning up to deliver her talk. 

Hey, a realtor could almost do that. Make $10,000. But he or she would have to turn up.

Not do much, mind you. Get on the computer, click on MLS. Presto! No sign to put up. Nothing. It’s all MLS.


A real estate agent can make twice $10,000 if it’s exclusive.

Ann probably had to pay air fare and hotel but the agent just ‘comes over’.

We noticed Max was driving a glossy jet-black extended-cab pickup (upwards $40,000).


2 Responses to “Just Another Bed-Wetter”

  1. Max writes:

    C’est pas tres amusant, Ilze Berzins. Tu me casse les pieds.

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