Ilze Berzins

The weather in Maine is unbelievable! Mid November and it's 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Laachuk and 'Mum and Dad' enjoy a day at Popham Beach.



  1. Pauline writes:

    I can’t believe there was no one else on that beach in the warm weather.

  2. ilzeberzins writes:

    The next day, though, was even warmer. To our delight we saw that riders had trailered their horses to the beach. This was because it was now hunting season in Maine and the beach was a safe place to canter. It was a magnificent sight to see these magestic animals on the beach and enjoying the tangy salt water. They especially loved to roll over on the sand to soother their itchy hide.
    Laachuk was fascinated. Still, he felt quite familiar with them since he had been born in a horse barn. Even at five weeks old he breathed in the warm lovely scent of horses and retained it in his young memory.
    When we are finally settled we will aquire a colt. Rather, a mare and a colt. Horses get lonely when they are on their own.
    The time will come for all this to pass. I’m sure of it.

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