Ilze Berzins

WARNING: Just another boring real estate post. Nothing Parisian about my life these days.


Yes, that’s a big word. If I remember right, at one point in official politics, the implementation of multiculturalism became a no-no.

But who am I to remember what particular stance was taken by what particular political group?

This is still a real estate story, all be it with a multicultural angle.

I have before my eyes the lovely realtor who ate up my time today. I did meet her, fleetingly, as she was showing my home to a buyer. I could not help but remark on her superb head-dress. She appeared to be a female version of a Sufi Whirling Dervish.

The difficulty is that I’m not able to pick up on the subtle ticks, as it were, the signals sent non-verbally from one culture to another. I feel at a disadvantage, like a ‘fish’ (is that the word for a loser poker player?).

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