Ilze Berzins

The revolution in Ukraine has completely derailed me from my intended blog, which was to be the duality of LV FB friends. I intended to transcribe private messages to me where friend calls another friend a fucking cunt while doing smiley face in public. But this is so tacky and banal. We all know people (especially LV FB people) are two-faced stab-you-in-the-back types. Nothing new here. But, for a time, it did preoccupy me when I heard, for example, ex-friend Laima Berzins urge another friend to unfriend me. And when John Christmas confided to my dog, Canis Lacuk, that I was a sick bitch. And when I learned that former editor of LAIKS, Astra Moors, wrote gleeful gossip about me to my best friend Ernests Piesis.

All this was wiped away by the events in Kiev. LV FB friends all supported the revolution, and I realized that there is much more going on in the world than petty back biting and character assassination.

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