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Would you say my friend, Canis Lacuk, is a slimy beach? Of course you wouldn’t. But one Peteris Cedrins did just that. Self-appointed poet laureate Cedrins was not provoked in any way. Canis was just there, on FB, along with other “friends”.  But Cederins, already enraged by one thing or another, just needed to lash out. And who better for the poet to kick than a dog? To give him credit, or discredit, I think he meant bitch, but that too is bizarre since Canis has never hidden the fact that he’s male.

The random rage displayed by Latvian men living in Latvia is truly baffling. One other ragenick is self-proclaimed film maker Juris Eksteins who lashed out at me on one of his posts because I wrote that I did not like the film Last Tango in Paris. But he did. What a reason to go ballistic!

Why are these guys a heartbeat away from a complete psychotic break?

My friend Parsla Blakis writes that it’s because they have to watch Stalin’s May 8 celebratory march every year. That’s a bit of levity, on Parsla’s part. But, most probably, whether the guys are pro or contra, it’s a good day to get wasted.

Still, there are other reasons for this uncontrolled rage.

Latvia is traditionally a patriarchal society. It is also, unfortunately, a brutal society where the man of the house, the muzhik, feels he can kick the cat, beat the dog, slap around the wife and kids. (I’m sure there are Latvian men who escape this characterization but not these guys.)

Both Eksteins and Cederins are unemployed. How else would they have time to post endless reams of self-important stuff? But their fixation on FB is not enough for a real life. In frustration they turn to kicking the nearest cat– or my friend Canis, or myself, for that matter.

Plus there’s the drinking and smoking and strained relationship with the opposite (or same, as the case may be)sex. When I lived in Latvia my female friends were interested in “arzemnieki.” So what’s a scruffy, unemployed ragenick to do? Well, go on LV FB and rage some more.  That really is the only place a ragenick can vent legally without being hauled off to a Russian-speaking jail cell where there is no Internet access.



11 Responses to “LIFE’S A BEACH”

  1. Rita writes:

    Jeez. What a couple of douches!

  2. ilzeberzins writes:

    Rita. It’s sad. I wanted to write a funny blog but couldn’t. Initially I was really upset by the insulting comments (especially in the case of Juris Eksteins when his other “friends” ganged up on me). But then I realized I need compassion. My life is so rich. I’m blessed with many creature comforts these ragenicks lack.

  3. Andris writes:

    How accurate. This Peter Cederins is a buddy of Vidas Germanis when they were bullies together at school in Chicago, stamping on the smart kid’s glasses and stealing their lunch money. The pair are vicious, self-righteous creeps.

  4. ilzeberzins writes:

    I got a very bad feeling about both these guys.

  5. Rita writes:

    Are they homosexuals?

  6. Janis R. writes:

    Rita. I don’t know. But from their posts it’s evident that Cederins is the “butch” and Germanis is his “bitch”. Germanis follows Cedrins like a whipped pussy. This sounds harsh but I personally know people who have been hurt by this duo. Remember: it’s not unknown to hear of people committing suicide when bullied. These assholes have to be stopped.

  7. Indriķis Pipariņš writes:

    Wow, have you ever landed in with some great company! Wide-Ass Platpakaļa Vidus Jermanis Nemetzkis and Pidriķis Pirdiņš Pīters Šedraņkis Cedriņš. What can you expect from people growing up with those names? They hate the world. They hate everybody and everybody HATES THEM! Given enough time they will self destruct physically, currently they are only mentally self destructed. He who laughs last laughs best. The brighter and hotter the flame the lighter the ashes!

  8. Andrejs P. writes:

    I’ve tried to comment a few times on Facebook but each time there’s a bizarre person called Anita Nagelis who tries to horn in. She’s completely off topic and gives me the heebie-jeebies. I guess Facebook isn’t for me after all.

  9. ilzeberzins writes:

    Andrej. You can block her.

  10. Inara Cedrins writes:

    Peter Cedrins is indeed a nasty piece of work – you don’t know the half of it – and he definitely has homosexual tendencies. He is unfortunately my brother, but I haven’t had anything to do with him since he tried to extort $2,000 from my mother, threatening to throw himself in front of a train if she didn’t give it to him. In the last year he took what was described to me as ‘a respectable payment’ for translating Caks’ Muzibas skartie, and of course hasn’t done the work. He’s unemployed because he’s ;azy and because he can’t get along with anyone, constant tantrums.

    • Maris writes:

      I was planning to try and meet him this 2016 summer in Latvija. After reading your comment, it may not be a good idea after all. Someone posted a doc video of him which he shared … I was somewhat shocked … he’s what I would call a ‘close to physical wreck’. Living in Roja by himself must mean it is very cheap living.

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