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To the right of this screen you will see a small photo of me and HAPPY as a puppy. She lived a great life at Brivzemnieki, a farmstead in Latvia. Happy passed on last spring. She is missed by the cats and dogs and kids at the farm. She lives on in my memory and in my book HAPPY GIRL.


3 Responses to “My HAPPY at age 16”

  1. ilzeberzins writes:

    I guess the little picture is not on the right of the posting after all. It’s at the top of the page.

  2. George writes:

    When I was at Brivzemnieki in 2006 I wanted to take Happy Girl’s picture but Happy Girl hid in her doghouse and would not come out. I was told that I resembled the vet and she was treating me with the same hospitality which she affords the vet.
    Happy Girl definately had a good and loving home.

  3. Dagny writes:

    Hey, da hier mein Name steht werde ich einfach was schreiben.
    Ein schöner Hund und eine schöne Katze, aber warum sind sie dort? Das Buch “Happy girl” würde mich schon interessieren, aber sicher ist es in englisch geschrieben. Im Winter habe ich mehr Zeit, da kann ich es kaufen.
    Bis dahin seid Ihr in Eurem neuen Haus und ich habe auch eine richtige Adresse.
    Greetings to you and George
    Dagny and Lutz

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