Ilze Berzins

Century 21 has some real doozies on the market. Hey Aunt Victoria. It's small. Is this what you had in mind?


2 Responses to “Century 21 has some hot listings!”

  1. ilzeberzins writes:

    $25,000 for this property. Large road frontage.Tired structure,looking for skilled handyman. Where in Ottawa could you find a property for 25k? America is the land of great opportunities.

  2. Regina ,Victoria writes:

    Hi Ilze and George,
    It’s in my price range, but does it have a fireplace?
    At the moment, I don’t feel like moving from my paradise patch at Mary’s Grange. Breakfast in bed and lovely heating when there is snow on Mt. Wellington.
    I think that little Luke would really enjoy the forest house- like a big cubby.
    love and hugs
    Victoria and Regina.

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