Ilze Berzins

Here is our new home in Waterville, Maine. It's Dutch Colonial built in 1925 with a huge back yard.


3 Responses to “NEW HOUSE”

  1. Regina ,Victoria writes:

    Hi George, Ilze,
    Wow,big house.
    Mum says”Why you need such a big house?”
    Love from Hobart
    Regina ,Victoria

  2. ilzeberzins writes:

    Well, here in Maine there are no little houses in nice neighbourhoods. We could have bought a double-wide trailer or a run-down cape but George is tall and he doesn’t like to bang his head on low ceilings and I’m afraid of getting knifed and or raped in some scruffy small-house neck of the woods. Capisce?
    And what’s wrong with big?

  3. Alexandra writes:

    Whoa, that’s some nice house. So give me your address with postal code too. And telephone number in case we want to call you soon. Irene Alexandara lol
    PS I printed the house so Ellen can see it too.

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