Ilze Berzins

Finally something to write home about: A child-engineer and a thong.

Say what?

Incongruous as it sounds, this afternoon I was treated to a refreshing walk-in. (Yes, I’m still on about selling my house. Boring, boring,boring…)

The twosome wanting to see the house just blew in from Toronto.

On their Harley?

Well no, in their Jeep, I guess. At least this is what they parked in front of my house.  The guy: leather jacket, James Dean good looks; the lady: long very high-heeled black patent leather boots.

And then, when she bent down to remove the boots… Yeah… Thars right.

The thong! 

These girls! I don’t know… Whatever.

Still, I’m glad my husband wasn’t home.

Long story short: this was a refreshing breeze. Just two young people with cash to spend. My kind of people. I hope I hear from them again.



  1. ilzeberzins writes:

    How naive is that.
    Thong girl and juvie bought a house on our street. 560K. Wasted my time.
    I do admire the Masarati parked in the driveway though.

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