Ilze Berzins

Our realtor-induced stress has lifted. The weather is phenomenal.

Hard to believe that it’s already summer. Still, this could well be Nature’s own April Fool’s joke.

Who knows? Monday it might snow.

The other day I had this ‘aha’ moment. Oprah calls it… well… she simply calls it the ‘aha’ moment. I guess it’s sort of a gotcha moment, a moment of truth or, as the English call it, when the penny drops.  

My ‘aha’ moment came in bed, drinking my morning Earl Gray tea with lemon and honey and leafing through Scragsville’s morning edition of News. My eyes widened coming across an article headlined: ‘Pretty Woman’.

Seems a doting old gent had fallen for a pretty hooker, had attempted to rehabilitate her by paying to have her become a Real Estate Agent. The lovely lady did in fact become a Real Estate Agent but it was found that she was still turning tricks on the side. 

The old gent is now suing to get his money back.

What does that tell me?  It tells me that my take on these gals was bang on and a fitting closing/closure to my realtor misadventure.

Now it’s time to celebrate rebirth in my own little patch. Crocuses are up, lilacs have buds, and the sturdy iris are boasting  juicy green stalks.

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