Ilze Berzins

Ages 6 to 8, sees the flowering of Child Art, according to Dr Viktor Lowenfeld.

Boring, boring, boring, Dr Lowenfeld, and I should know since this guy was a god in Art Education circles when I was a student ages ago both in time and in space.

Boring as this dry Austrian prof was, he did have a point.  

My happiest professional years were spent with child artists—I can’t even say teaching since an adult can certainly not teach a child when it comes to art.

 Today I saw two happy campers come into my home (ages 6 to 8 or thereabouts) and my old instinct of ‘hey-guys-just-pick-up-a-paint-brush’ was immediately re-activated.

A happy flashback to my past.



One Response to “Flashback in Scragsville”

  1. Lara writes:

    I hate it when you wallow in the past, Ilze. It’s not like you.
    Besides, you have forgotten the hard parts–having kids dumped on you just because your studio had air conditioning and then Mums forgetting to pick them up on time and all the rest of it.
    Ok, I don’t wish to take away your magic moments but you sure worked your butt off for little in return. I mean financially.
    Never mind that Alex Colville’s grandchild came to your classes and all that but how were you paying your rent?

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