Ilze Berzins

My 1985 favourite flower painting


6 Responses to “MORE FROM MY GALLERY”

  1. Phantom writes:

    In which wing of the Louvre may I find this masterpiece?

  2. ilzeberzins writes:

    Tres drole! (how do I add accents?)

    Mock me if you must but I should tell you that all paintings you will see on this blog are those that I loved so dearly that I did not sell them. Not even to the Louvre.

  3. butterfly writes:

    Quite magical…lovely contrast with colours!

  4. ilzeberzins writes:

    That’s because you are seeing a reproduction, Butterfly. The original is more luminous and subtle.

  5. Linn writes:

    Hi Ilze I found your flower picture disturbing. Come see me at the Farmboy and we can discuss it over me putting your order through. Bring George with you as i enjoy his smiling face as well. Hope to see you soon Linn

  6. butterfly writes:

    quite luminous….lovely contrast with colours!!!!!!!!!!!

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