Ilze Berzins

Forward by Anna Freud:

“Certain inhibitions to create are ascribed to a fear of regression to an undifferentiated state in which boundaries between id and ego become blurred and one cannot symbolize the individual’s pregenital and genital orgiastic experiences…………………….”

Had enough?

As for me:  orgiastic experiences I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention…

 So how come I’m not painting any more?

  1. Hard to lift a glass of Chilean red and paint with the other hand.
  2. Too expensive. To be taken seriously I’d have to pay a fortune to get a painting framed, pay a gallery 45% and never see the painting again. That is, if I’m lucky. If not, I’d have to get shnockered on my celebratory wine, wolf down some cheese and crackers and look pathetic.
  3. Can’t you paint for your own pleasure?


 So now I’m not even writing books any more. Just blogging. It’s cheaper and can be done with a glass of wine at hand.



  1. ilzeberzins writes:

    Jawohl! Anna was extraordinarily close to her dad, Sigmund Freud but not at all close to her mum and was on the outs with her five siblings.
    What conclusions, if any, can one reach?

  2. Roger writes:

    No human relation should serve an anticipatory purpose. Every relation should be a freeing relation with the “purpose” evolving.

  3. Roger writes:

    On the level of personality I gain more andmore control over myself as I unitevarious tendencies. We can always test the validity of power by asking whether it is integral to the process or outside the process. And————Oh, never mind. You wouldn’t understand.

  4. Anton writes:

    Ilze Berzins! I think you are disrespectful of psycho-analytical discourse.
    Perhaps with some therapy you may be able to paint once again.

  5. Jānis writes:

    Kas Tu tāds Anton? Qui est Tu Anton? What kind of therapy do you advocate?

  6. Anton writes:

    Accept that you are nothing. That is the first step. Second step: plunge into no-differentiation and the disbelief in the spontaneous ordering forces which emerge, once the plunge is taken.
    Third step: realize that it is safe to be absent from your mind. Fourth step: accept all id-material which will be programmed into your mind.
    Scientology? you may ask.
    Close but not quite.
    As for my credentials: you will be free to examine my CV on your first visit to my clinic.

  7. Jānis writes:

    I assume the first visit is free? Considering that Liechtenstein has above average per capita income by selling unique postage stamps and providing tax havens for the very wealthy I accept your gracious offer since psychology must be a hobby for you.

    • Anton writes:

      Who told you about my clinic in Liechtenstein? In any case, my work as psycho-therapist of artistic vision can not be described as a hobby. I do detect some hostility in you. But that is natural. What kind of a name is Janis? Are you male or female?

  8. Jānis writes:

    The bank secrecy laws are not what they used to be. Tracking down secretive accounts as well as people is quite easy. And as a psychologist you must be aware of the ying- and the yang- concept so gender becomes immaterial.

  9. butterfly writes:

    Psychoanalysis and therapy are fine, if not done for too long…meanwhile, sketches and line drawings offer some pleasure……

  10. Anton writes:

    Madam Butterfly:

    Can it be that you are hedonistic?
    “Sketches and line drawings offering some pleasure” is a concept contrary to psychoanalytic treatment. In point of fact, sketching is considered a casual and mindless exercise meant as a passtime for the leisured class. As for line drawing: of course if you are a Picasso or a Matisse…
    But then you would not be interested in my clinic. Let me leave you with this thought:
    Every living process is subject to its own authority, that is, the authority evolved by, or involved in, the process itself.

  11. ilzeberzins writes:

    Dear Friends
    I just received an irate telephone communication from Dr Anton Lipshitz. He feels disrespected and asks me to moderate this blog.
    I must abide by his wishes.
    From now on, once your comment has been entered, I will review it to ensure that it can be posted.

  12. Christne writes:

    Colline da beene! Tabarnouche! Cet Antoine est un quard de couille et un emerdeur premiere classe!

  13. ilzeberzins writes:

    In the entire time that I have been blogging (well, two and a half weeks)I have not run into anything like this.
    Frantically I’ve raced through the pages of WORDPRESS FOR DUMMIES. It’s confusing. How in the world do I get rid of foul language and inappropriate comments?

  14. Bookguy writes:

    Never say never. You never (okay I just said never) know when inspiration will strike.

    As for you reasons for not painting any more:

    1. You can sip your Chilean red in between brush strokes (although you’d have to be very careful if you use oil paints with toxic pigments).

    2. Framing can certainly be crazy expensive. But you could use a gallery style stretched canvas and skip the frame altogether. You can buy these pre-made or make them yourself. And as for gallery commissions, you’ve got a blog now. Let it be your gallery to the world.

    3. Really? I only paint for my own pleasure. Also, giving someone a painting that you’ve made can be such a personal and meaningful gift.

    As for the psychoanalysis I can offer very little. For me, I only paint occasionally because I hate the clean up (so there’s one more reason to blog instead).

  15. butterfly writes:

    I am a Jungian myself and believe in the universal subconscious….there was a great exhibit apparently in New York on his famous Red Book…he would appreciate any artistic expression, I am sure….and so do I….

  16. ilzeberzins writes:

    I’m still tearing through WordPress for Dummies…
    Ah, here it is: Page 80: MANAGING COMMENT SPAM WITH AKISMET. What’s Akismet? “It kills spam dead,” WordPress for Dummies states. It must be like some sort of Roach Motel or some such vermin trap or other.
    But listen:
    On Page 81: “I check the Akismet Spam page to see if a comment was caught in the spam filters. Then I de-spam it and move on.”
    Easy enough for author Lisa Sabin-Wilson. She leads a charmed life: “You can usually find her at her favorite coffee shop sipping espresso, on a mountaintop somewhere hitting the slopes with her husband and kids, or 100 feet beneath the ocean water, scuba diving with her husband and swimming with the fishes.”

  17. Christne writes:

    T’es jalouse, Ilze Berzins! Lisa Sabin-Wilson est une femme formidable. Elle a beaucoup a t’apprendre.
    Mais si jamais tu essaies cet AKISMET avec moi, tu vas le regretter.

  18. Jānis writes:

    Wo ist Anton? Er sagt nichts mehr? Wenn jederman ein Nichts sei, wie kann ein Nichts feindselig sein? Er ist vielleicht aufs Mund gefallen?

  19. ilzeberzins writes:

    I’m sorta getting the hang of this AKISMET.
    Lisa writes:
    “I usually don’t have to visit the Akismet Spam page. My readers usually are pretty quick to let me know if they’ve left a comment that didn’t get published.”
    Oops! There goes the phone.

    (Man, was he ever pissed! Better I should get a different subject going.)

  20. Jānis writes:

    I think the subject is rather interesting and you should persevere. If Anton would really accept that he is nothing then he could get back to his stamp collection and investment banking. Anger is bad for the eternal soul.

  21. ilzeberzins writes:

    dDear Janiiss/

    Yyou didn’t hear wwhat Dr Llipshitz said ttom me. ahI’m still ttrembling so much iI ccan hardly sstriking the letters on my keyboardkeys…/

  22. ilzeberzins writes:


    Ja, the time has come for closing arguments:
    I’m sad that my readers see ART as simply a pleasurable occupation for Sunday Painters. Where would we be without the creative genius of a Van Gogh or a Kaethe Kolwitz?
    “SUFFER CHEERFULLY” was the title of my Master’s Thesis.
    I myself have suffered, not always cheerfully, and out of that suffering have come the few paintings I still admire.

    Have any of you pleasure seekers read Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘Letters to a Young Poet’?

  23. Jānis writes:

    Rainer Maria Rilke habe ich vor ca. 40Jahren gelesen, also habe ich es nicht mehr im Gedaechtniss was er gesagt hat.

  24. Astrid writes:

    Since the advent of modern medications all symptoms of angst and emotional pain can now be almost eradicated.
    So, what passes for art these days? Well, concept “art” was not so long ago. And what the hell was that? More recently, I can’t think of any piece of art that moved me in any great way.

  25. ilzeberzins writes:

    There, I didn’t have to use my Akismet Spam Killer after all. Just got into something HEAVY and the spam filters emptied out all by themselves. No need to de-spam either. I can move on. Go sit in my favourite cafe here in Scragsville, drink capuccino and watch the world go by.

  26. Dagmar writes:

    Meine enlish ist nein so gut. Aber——Ja, one friend is helping. I know Dr Lipschitz. Ven I vas a girl am Liechtenstein Dr Lipschitz vould come see Mutti every afternoon vhen Pappi vas im his kabinet.
    Und dan…………

  27. ilzeberzins writes:

    I had hoped to put an end to this with Akismet Spam Killer. But you managed to penetrate the Spam filter. The minute Dr Lipschitz reads your comment my phone will ring again.

  28. ilzeberzins writes:

    And the phone did ring again. This time Dr Lipschitz was gloating. It seems his psycho-analytical treatments have been embraced world wide. He directed me to a page in today’s Scragsville’s Citizen. I found the page Dr Lipschitz was so excited about. Indeed. The chaplain of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre has been utilizing Dr Lipschitz’ mantra:
    I am nothing. I know nothing. I want nothing.

  29. Dagny writes:

    Hey, Ilze, das hier ist wieder ein Versuch ob es ankommt bei Dir-
    Ich habe einiges oben gelesen vom März 2010 habe aber nicht viel verstanden.
    Deine gemalten Bilder davor sind wunderschön!Greetings from Dagny

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