Ilze Berzins

Today I wrote a letter to the Editor of Scragsville’s most prominent rag.

Here it is.

 I am shocked by the dismal prose of part-time creative writing teacher Nancy Lauzon in the article: “Canada’s female humour short.” 

Ms Lauzon states that she drones away as she is lecturing.  “With half a Prozac and a double scotch…”

Clearly this is Ms Lauzon’s attempt at humour.

But why at the expense of people who are suffering from clinical depression?

Would she say, “Hey, I need a shot of Tamoxiphen. These students give me breast cancer.”

 My letter will not be published.


For once I’m at a loss for words.


2 Responses to “Scragsville”

  1. Roger writes:

    It is indeed bizarre what passes for humour in Scragsville. Imagine being in the class of this ‘educator’! I believe she teaches at a community college, but still…

  2. George writes:

    The idea of making fun of those that are weaker in society has always been possible. Those who are doing the humiliation are usually weak people themselves. They would not dare to make fun of someone stronger than they are. Their audience is also made of people without principles, for if they did have principles they would not be in the audience. On the other hand, people who are suffering or have suffered from depression are usually too ashamed, and may have self-esteem problems to begin with. Many just do not have enough mental or physical strength to defend themselves. Creative writing indeed. Considering the steep rise in the incidence of clinical depression in Canada Ms. Lauzon may soon be among those who she is using as the butt of her sick jokes.

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