Ilze Berzins

Forward by Anna Freud:

“Certain inhibitions to create are ascribed to a fear of regression to an undifferentiated state in which boundaries between id and ego become blurred and one cannot symbolize the individual’s pregenital and genital orgiastic experiences…………………….”

Had enough?

As for me:  orgiastic experiences I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention…

 So how come I’m not painting any more?

  1. Hard to lift a glass of Chilean red and paint with the other hand.
  2. Too expensive. To be taken seriously I’d have to pay a fortune to get a painting framed, pay a gallery 45% and never see the painting again. That is, if I’m lucky. If not, I’d have to get shnockered on my celebratory wine, wolf down some cheese and crackers and look pathetic.
  3. Can’t you paint for your own pleasure?


 So now I’m not even writing books any more. Just blogging. It’s cheaper and can be done with a glass of wine at hand.