Ilze Berzins

To misquote Ann Coulter:

“Scragsville: Indian for ‘Land of Bed-Wetters.'”

Re: Ann Coulter’s skirmish at Scragsville  U.

See what I mean?

Ann called the university bush-league not Ivy League.

Of course she is right.

Next time I speak with her, I’ll familiarize her with scrags-league.

Today I wrote a letter to the Editor of Scragsville’s most prominent rag.

Here it is.

 I am shocked by the dismal prose of part-time creative writing teacher Nancy Lauzon in the article: “Canada’s female humour short.” 

Ms Lauzon states that she drones away as she is lecturing.  “With half a Prozac and a double scotch…”

Clearly this is Ms Lauzon’s attempt at humour.

But why at the expense of people who are suffering from clinical depression?

Would she say, “Hey, I need a shot of Tamoxiphen. These students give me breast cancer.”

 My letter will not be published.


For once I’m at a loss for words.