Ilze Berzins
Ten Days in the Soviet Republic of Jaunķemeransk cover

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Where does one go to cure the incurable?

Europe has spas that offer exotic treatments—mud baths, sulphur baths, electro-pulse therapy, salt rooms, peat moss applications, and much more.

Looking for a remedy for her osteoarthritis our protagonist finds herself back in her native Latvia, at a Russian enclave and a patient of a Soviet-style spa called Jaunķemeri.

Along with her treatments and run-ins with hostile Russians, she becomes involved in a secret political plot. Will she uncover the mystery which threatens to cast the spa into infamy and which endangers her own life?

Read this lively, informative, true-life account of one woman’s dogged search for better health—and you’ll find yourself sharing her often hilarious, hair raising adventure.

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