Ilze Berzins

I suppose I shouldn’t say much about this.

It’s still a STIGMA.

Tsk… What’s wrong with me? Well, nothing. So I’ll just go right ahead and say it: There comes a time when even the most well-adjusted, balanced and rational among us needs a…er…well… Well, a Mental Health Day – or three. Experts tell us that one in 5 Canadians will suffer a clinical depression in the next few years. Easy does it, right?

So, now I have time to enjoy the many friendly faces depicted on the calling cards left on my kitchen counter or my living room coffee table.

The men are absolutely divine. The smiles immaculate. The women too. To be honest I have to think these folk have regular modeling jobs during the week and do bits of real estate on weekends. Or maybe the other way around.

To some sellers it could be reassuring that gorgeous people undertake to negotiate the perils of buying and selling one’s most precious possession.  I myself am not so sure about that.

The Falconer’s (not real name) female agents are so stunning that I don’t know if I can trust them. Maybe cause I’m secretly jealous and intimidated by their fresh young beauty and stylish high boots.

My position has to be: Give me an ordinary matron any day.

But do they even exist?