Ilze Berzins

Perhaps the time has come to get serious. At least for a very brief while.

As I’m writing this blog I’m shaking my head, astounded by what I can only call a very bizarre co-incidence.

From time to time people ask: How come you don’t paint anymore?

So, on March 11 I started to blog an answer (under category ART). I titled this blog ON NOT BEING ABLE TO PAINT ANY MORE.

This blog (and particularly the comments) was supposed to be a bit of a spoof of ON NOT BEING ABLE TO PAINT by Joanna Field (with a forward by Anna Freud.)

Many years ago a relative had given me this book. I leafed through it then but just didn’t “get it”. I’ve always called this type of writing ‘mind-fucking’. This one book in particular goes into the orgiastic feelings one has (should have?) during creation and such– well, I’ll say, crap.

Then, today March 14, I read an article in one of our local newspapers about the chaplain of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre who is also an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Ottawa.

This chaplain cites the writings of Marion Milner as a great influence on her own work. Marion Milner is held up as a mentor and as a giant of early psychology.

I took another look at the book ON NOT BEING ABLE TO PAINT by Joanna Field. And what do I learn? Joanna Field is the PSEUDONYM for Marion Milner!

The proximity in time of these two separate streams of thought: one, mine on my blog and two, the article which appeared in today’s newspaper, gives me pause.

What do you think?