Ilze Berzins
The Blood Red Teardrop cover

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Izzie Pedersen is a writer. She writes because she must, not because she wants to. It’s a tough life: lots of drinking, two hour days, money issues, and killers loitering around, determined to put an end to Izzie and the blockbuster she’s hard at work on.

In her own words: “My next book will be memoir: “Screenwriting Screwed up My Life by Isadora Pedersen. I see it as a cautionary tale. I grabbed at my first opportunity to write for money and look where it got me. Couldn’t I just write for pleasure? No. Couldn’t I just paint for pleasure? I couldn’t. I needed recognition.”

This is Izzie’s fatal flaw.

Moving to her new home in Waterville, Maine, with her husband Nick and dog Laachuk, Izzie becomes entangled in a sordid tale which threatens her life and the life of those she loves.

Interspersed are her poignant memories of Paris, where she spent part of her youth, and flashbacks to Ottawa, which she doesn’t miss for a second. And hanging over her is the spectre of a cunning killer who is determined to kill again.

The Blood Red Teardrop, the latest thriller by prolific mystery writer Ilze Berzins, is an engaging, adventurous, and suspense-filled tale that you won’t be able to put down.

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