Ilze Berzins
A True Love Story cover

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If you liked A True Love Story and you love mysteries, this new book by Ilze Berzins has it all!

Plagued by joint pain and disdainful of an orthopedist’s insistence that she needs surgery, the author has put herself on a tedious healing regime, including unpronounceable supplements, foul-tasting herb tea, and regular pool exercises. In the process, she finds herself in the middle of a muddle involving a pod of whales, a pair of treacherous Russians, a hit-and-run, and a hostile, hapless woman who eventually becomes her friend.

Threats are made, but will shots be fired? It all depends on Ilze’s investigative powers and her husband George’s ability to think on his feet. Is this a true crime story or the fantasy of the author’s fertile mind? You decide!

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